VelaShape For a Smoother Skin

VelaShape For a Smoother Skin

What is VelaShape? It is an easy and simple treatment to reduction of cellulite and waistline circumference. It is a good device that helps people who are on diet by improving the skin condition and thus, perfecting the overall appearance. VelaShape is proven to have significant effect upon only few sessions of treatments.

The Mechanism of VelaShape

VelaShape works with Bi-Polar Radio frequency (RF) wave and Infrared Light heat that break down fat molecules. It also uses roller massage and vacuum even out and smoothen the skin surface. This is a perfect 1 for all solution to fat and cellulite reduction that people on diet seek for. Frequent usage of VelaShape will significantly improve the skin appearance in no time. You are rewarded with less workout time that people do in order to decrease the waistline. You do not need to apply a handful of cream in order to reduce the cellulites and bring back the skin’s elasticity.

How VelaShape Works

VelaShape is a machine that delivers heat and evergy that stimulates the skin cells, reducing fat and reshaping the treated area. It works by means of the application of the rollers on the skin. The rollers will work as a tool to smooth out the skin, while at the same time, transmit the infrared wave and the RF wave onto the surface of the skin. The heat coming out of these waves will heat up the cells underneath the skin, breaking down the fat molecules and diffusing them out of the cells, back into the bloodstream. It works just like when you are exercising and producing heat that burns the body’s excess fat. An alternative to exercise, that is what VelaShape is.

The Benefits of VelaShape

Aside from being a safe alternative to exercise, VelaShape provides to be another alternative to liposuction (although some people uses VelaShape after performing liposuction to firm the skin more).  VelaShape is painless and even comforting, as you will feel like having a warm and soothing massage session. The treatment takes only a short time, therefore, it is not much of a time waste. You only need to spare 20 minutes to one hour for each session. Of course, the results will vary among consumers, however, success is a sure thing. Other than the gradual reduction in the appearance of cellulites and waist fat, VelaShape helps improve blood circulation around the treated area, giving your skin a fresher and healthier look. These are some of the answers to customers’ questions of what VelaShape is.

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