Reviews on 6 Months of VelaShape Usage

People have been debating on the effectiveness of VelaShape, so here are VelaShape 2 review that are provided by the active users of VelaShape. Before that, there are some basic knowledge that you need to know about VelaShape. It is a device with one tube that has a panel with buttons and a rolling and suction end as wide as the palm of your hand. This roller is used for massaging the skin area. The machine produces Infrared waves and Bi-Polar Radio frequency waves that emit heat onto the surface of the skin and underneath the skin. The heat helps break down the excess fat in the cells and flush them back into the blood circulation system. To explain more about the process and real results, read the VelaShape 2 result below.

Review From a Skin Beauty Expert

One skin beauty expert says that she often treats her patients with VelaShape to further improve their skin appearance post surgery. Some patients undergoing liposuction are still left with the problem of cellulite appearance and stretched skin. Treating the skin using VelaShape helps improve the firmness of the patients’ skin. The treatment usually lasts from 30 minutes to one hour. First, the practitioner will apply a cold thick gel to the skin on the abdomen area. After that, the VelaShape rolling machine is directly applied to the gel-covered area. The movement of the roller starts from left to right, back and forth, with a slight pressure. The therapy needs to be done in constant motion to trigger and stimulate the cells using the heat that is emitted from the device. The vacuum and suction system is used to prepare the skin, pre-heating. The temperature of the device can also be adjusted to suit the patient’s comfort. The results are not to be seen directly, but by taking at least 3 sessions, patients will see a significant change; smoother and firmer skin.

Review From a Patient After Giving Birth

One patient tried the VelaShape treatment a few months after she gave birth. She claimed to have amazing results of firm, unwrinkled, and smooth skin. She undergone the same process of gel application and 1 hour of roller treatment. Everything is done by the practitioner at VelaShape center. However, the practitioner said that if you want to have a more frequent sessions, you can just buy the machine and have a home treatment. However, it is clear that it is better to have someone to massage for you because that way, you can relax more. At first, the stomach felt warm, however, the heat gradually increased and the patient needed to tell the practitioner to lower down the temperature. The practitioner said that she will always monitor the heat for the patients’ comfort. But after a few sessions, the heat was actually comforting. The great results do last after 4 times of treatment, however, it needs to be maintained with some exercise because the fat might go back after months of no treatment and no exercise. Those are the VelaShape 2 review from the VelaShape center.

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