Velashape Reviews and Results

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Velashape Reviews and Results

A Theory of Manipulation?

Velashape presents an unproven theory that cellulite is fat that must be massaged and manipulated. When that’s done they say that blood flow increases, the lymph nodes are activated, connective tissue is broken down, and cellulite is erased. That’s the idea, anyhow, behind Velashape and its dual massagers and suction mechanism.

However, that’s not exactly accurate.

Cellulite does involve fat and it does involve muscle. But it has nothing to do with blood flow, drainage, toxins or breaking down the connective tissue. When your body is healthy and cellulite-free it is because the underlying muscle layers are firm enough to provide a sturdy foundation for your skin and that underlying, protective layer of fat that sits right below it.

And, most people know that in order to get firmly lifted muscles, they need to be stimulated properly. Not just the big ones, but also the smaller ones which are usually neglected by most generic exercises and fitness routines.

9 Benefits of Being a Firm Female

So, when considering the most effective way to get rid of cellulite – you can rate the promises of Velashape; which at best, give temporary results with a steep price tag. Or you can consider a system of specifically targeted exercises for cellulite reversal, that will offer the promise of more permanent results, in addition to a sweet list of other body and life-enhancing benefits. Such as:

8 More Benefits of Being a Firm Female:

1 – Better sex and intimacy
2 – Increased levels of energy
3 – Enhanced hormone regulation
4 – Elevated moods of happiness and positivity
5 – Higher levels of productivity in work and at home
6 – Favorable treatment from your family, friends & others
7 – Optimized quality of life & slower aging than most others
8 – Boosted self-image, self-esteem and stronger self-confidence

The Choice is Yours

So you get to choose between wasting some serious cash, with no promise of results or taking a little time, several days per week to stimulate the deeper levels of your blessed body to see the beautiful results on the outside – results which last a lifetime.

Smart women make the smart choice. And so do you…

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Velashape Reviews and Results

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