Best Treatment for Cellulite and Its Cause

Best Treatment for Cellulite and Its Cause

best treatment for cellulite
Best treatment for cellulite can be found in two forms, liquid in form medicine and also natural remedies that you can make it by yourself. Cellulite always comes in hidden area of skin, for instance your thigh, your stomach, and for some people on shank. The cause of cellulite is because of existence of fat gland which is under the skin. This fat makes lump. If fat is growing bigger and bigger, it can push blood vessel. This makes the vessel cannot work properly for distributing nutrition, oxygen, and doing excreting.

Its Cause

The cause varies. The first one is lack of exercising. This makes the decreasing of blood supply so the excreting cannot run well. The second cause is because the slow working of liver. The third one is the changing of hormone along pregnancy or menstruation; the fourth one is the accumulated toxin inside the body, while we consume a lot of fatty food. Those activities can cause the existence of cellulite on your body.

What to Do

You can get rid of your cellulite by doing these activities. Of course, you cannot see the result directly; you need to do it regularly to see its best result. These activities are useful to increase the metabolism and detoxification. The first one is losing weight by exercising. Choose kind of exercise that can get rid the fat on your part of body, for instance swimming, cycling, and also working out at gym. Do it at least three times a week to strengthen the muscle. The second one is by consuming healthy food. Avoid food which contains saturated fat. It is better to consume more fruits and vegetables. The third one is by maintaining the liver. Avoid consuming food with a lot of preservatives. Decrease the consumption of sugar. The last one is by applying lotion for cellulite. The combination of those activities is the best treatment for cellulite.

There are other ways to get rid of cellulite. This also can be done at home. The first one is by consuming gelatin. Gelatin is good for skin and nail growth. It has been clinically tested. It also can be functioned as collagen, which is very good to nourish skin. If you consume it can also help your digestion, which is good to help excreting of body. Besides, it is also full of protein; you can also build your muscle for having this. See doctor to get this best treatment for cellulite.

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