Velashape - Is it the Right Product for You?

Velashape - Is it the Right Product for You? 
written by: shrikant
As soon as one hears about anything that reduces cellulite, there is a lot of interest generated around it, because cellulite happens to be the biggest beauty problem for most women. Velashape is one of the many products out there that claim to reduce body cellulite. Here is a detailed review of Velashape. 

What is Velashape
The manufacturer Syneron is projecting Velashape to be the only FDA approved device that helps you get rid of cellulite. But don’t think that it is an exercise machine or some belt. It is a whole treatment for cellulite. It is a machine that works on 4 technologies – Radiofrequency Infra-red light Vacuum Mechanical massage These technologies work together and result in circumferential reduction and cellulite improvement. The product also claims temporary improvement in blood circulation, relief from minor muscular aches and spasms.
How Velashape Works
Velashape is applied to treatment area and the trigger is pressed to activate the vacuum coupling which gives a massaging effect. Infra-red light and radiofrequency are emitted simultaneously resulting in widening of local blood vessels and lymphatic drainage resulting in circumference reduction and improvement in cellulite appearance. This all results ultimately in body reshaping. Velashape can be used for various areas of body- thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms. This treatment requires 4-6 weekly sessions and additional maintenance sessions in one to three months. 

A single Velashape session may cost somewhere between $150 and $1000 depending on the size of treatment area. Is the Treatment worth the Price Though the product claims to be highly safe, effective and virtually painless, the general reviews of Velashape are not very satisfactory. It has been reported to cause severe pain and burning sensation. Many people saw no results. There are candidates who saw some improvement but some of them claimed that the results faded quickly. People also say that it feels just like a massage with no great results. Results may also vary depending on the expertise of technicians but there are way too many doubts and the reviews of Velashape don’t seem to be very favourable. 

This treatment requires an exorbitant sum of money, which goes waste in most of the cases. There are many drugs and creams available in the market that claim to reduce cellulite. But the scene here is similar to the reviews of Velashape, i.e. highly variable results with no guarantee. The results also depend on body type and constitution. The best way to get rid of cellulite is healthy food and regular exercise which concentrates on cellulite areas. Other methods like pills and creams can be used in combination with exercise but the costly Velashape sessions are a big gamble.

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